SONGARTM Armed Drone System is the first indigenous drone with machine gun stabilization in Turkish Armed Forces inventory. Patented stabilization system enables a drone mounted machine gun to effectively shoot up to 200 bullets per flight.

Easily transportable and deployable SONGARTM Armed Drone System is a force-multiplier in small wars. The bullet magazine can be changed , thus enables operator to quickly reload for mission continuity. Executes the mission in full autonomy with multi-layered safety until final operator consent for firing.

Ergonomic and friendly system design to reduce operator load during mission, i.e. drone return-home on link-loss, in-flight mission change, autonomous and remote-control modes, etc.


  • MDP (Multirotor Drone Platform)

  • GSS (Gun Stabilization System)

  • DMMG (Drone Mounted Machine Gun)

  • GCS (Ground Control Station)

SONGARTM  in Military Operation

  • Neutralizes known threats as a military rapid reaction armed drone system

  • Protects critical military bases against terrorist infiltration

  • Accompanies military convoys as a protecting Armed Drone System
  • Extends infantry lethal range in small wars

  • Provides versatility in Land, Navy and Special Ops


Operational Ammunition Load: 200 pcs 5.56 x 45 mm NATO Class bullets
Maximum Take -Off Weight (MTOW):45 kg
Maximum Operating Altitude: MSL 2800 m, AGL 400 m

Max. Dimensions:

  • Width: 145 cm from rotor to rotor
  • Height: 70 cm

Double camera system:

  • Pilot camera (10x zoom)
  • Gun-mounted camera
Mission Planning with Ground Control Station
Real time video transfer
Day and Night (optional) Operation
GPS and GLONASS compatible navigation capability
Video and data recording for Post-Mission Analysis
Sales subject to permit by Turkish MoD