Songar Grenaded


Songar Grenaded


SONGAR ™ Grenaded is a grenade launcher system integrated into the first national Armed Drone SONGAR™ in the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces that is ensured up to four grenades can be fired effectively at a time used in any kind of day/night military operations. The system is able to to broadcast real-time video and operate within a mission radius of up to 5 kms.

SONGAR™’s user-friendly system design reduces the operator's load during mission, such as autonomous/manual flight control modes, return home on link-loss or critical battery level, mission planning on moving map, autonomous flight on planned route and in-flight mission change.

Grenade Launcher Stabilisation System integrated on the SONGAR™, has the capability of rotation between -5 and +90 in the elevation axis and multilayered firing mechanism.

SONGAR™ Ground Control Station’s ergonomic and portable design provides maximum usability on the field to the operator. The drone video, flight telemetry data and drone flight position on the moving map can be displayed and recorded on the Ground Control Station. It is also possible to start/stop of the video recording and select and display of a recorded video among the previous records.

Songar Grenaded


  • National Design

  • Close air support (CAS) in critical military bases

  • Instant response to known threats

  • Firing up to 4 grenades

  • 400-450 meters of effective range

  • Gun rotation between +5° and -90° on elevation axis

  • Max. 15 minutes of flight time

  • Multi-layered fire safety

  • Optional drum grenade launcher system which can carry 6 ea. Grenades

Songar Grenaded