Sargut Unarmed Drone System
Sargut Unarmed Drone System


SARGUT unarmed drone system is developed by ASİSGUARD to be used in civilian operations for surveillance purposes. Due to its gimbal integrated high definition camera, SARGUT drone system is suitable to be used in both day and night camera surveillance missions. 

SARGUT unarmed drone system’s user friendly and portable design aims to provide easiness to user during the operation such as autonomous/manual flight modes, return to home function on link-loss, mission planning, autonomous flight on planned route and in-flight mission change.

Real-time monitoring and recording of high definition gimbal camera video and telemetry data of the flight is possible through its ergonomic design of Ground Control Station. Ground Control Station’s user interface also allows operator to start/stop the recording of flight or watch a record selected among the previous records.

Sargut Unarmed Drone System


  • National Design

  • x30 Times Continuous Zoom Option

  • Ground Control Station (GCS)

  • Day light and Thermal Camera Options

  • High definition gimbal integrated camera

  • Automatic take off / landing capability

  • Mission planning on moving map and autonomous flight on planned routte

  • Return to home function in case of link-loss or critical battery level

  • Operation within a mission radius of up to 5 kms