SADAK / VIS (Vehicle Intercom System)

SADAK™ VIS is a military standard electronic system providing voice communication of in-vehicle personnel in operational conditions for use in military land vehicles. SADAK VIS consists of commander unit, personnel units, speaker unit and headsets.



  • Providing in-vehicle communication with wired communication via wearable headsets with microphone

  • Communication capability with two external vehicle radios

  • Compatibility for all analog-based radios.

  • Number of users up to 12

  • Plug&Play feature

  • Ease of use of headsets with military helmets.

  • Optional use with air conduction or bone conduction headphones.

  • Ability to authorize radio with various options to the commander unit.

  • Authority to silence radio

  • Authority to give radio authority only to the commander

  • Authority to give radio authority to all users.

  • Various radio selection options of the commander unit.

  • Listening and speaking on the first radio.

  • Listening on the first and second radios and speaking on the first radio.

  • Speaking and listening on the second radio

  • Speaking with all users at the same time. (full-duplex architecture)

  • Internal speaking and listening to the radio at the same time.

  • Low noise communication.

  • Ability to manage and update software via PC-based management software

  • Ability for users without a headphone to hear radio and internal communication over the external speaker unit

  • Ability to give alerts to users in case of the radio is busy.