SADAK / SAS (Siren Announcement System)

SADAK™ Siren Announcement System (SAS) is developed in accordance with military standards for land and sea platforms which allows the personnel to listen to the outside environment and make announcements from inside the vehicle. 

SADAK™ SAS transmits the sounds received from the external environment to the internal loudspeaker unit through the microphones installed on the vehicle. Captured sounds pass through digital signal processing and noise filtration algorithms, ensuring that the received sounds are parasitic free and heard by the personnel in the vehicle clearly.

Siren/Warning type can be selected and amplitude of the external sound can be adjusted from the vehicle control panel. SADAK™ SAS consists two parts of outer horn units, an inner handheld microphone, a control unit, an amplifier & power unit, an outer microphone, an inner loudspeaker unit and a cabling set. 

it enables to listen the environment with external microphone and internal speaker units. Other units of the system ensure to amplify sound signals and transferring to the external environment.



  • Anons ve Alarm Özellikleri

  • 7 Preset Siren Choice, Optional increase up to 12 Siren Choice

  • Standard Siren Number 2x100W, Optional Siren Number 4x100W

  • Announcement Priority

  • Sensitive Volume Adjustment

  • Power ON/OFF Switch

  • Power Led Indicator

  • Siren Button

  • Horn Button

  • Panic Button

  • Dış Ortam Dinleme Özellikleri

  • In Vehicle Loudspeaker Mute Mode

  • Optional Second Outer Microphone