SADAK / DIS (Driver Information System)

SADAK ™ Driver Information System (DIS) presents vehicle engine information (vehicle speed, engine speed, engine coolant temperature, engine oil temperature, working time), personnel seat belt status information, and mine lock status information to the user on a single screen.

The driver can check the status messages coming from the CAN data line and the Information / Warning / Error messages of the peripherals to which it is connected, on the 3.8” size information screen.



  • It has easy installation and integration possibilities.

  • There are button functions that can be changed according to user requests on the Display Unit.

  • It is an operational system in the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces.

  • More messages can read, through I / O module that can be added to the system in case of additional requirement. This provides opportunity to show more data in contrast with conventional products in the market.

  • ASİSGUARD can respond quickly to customer requirements through its own special customize software.

  • If there is a different screen in the vehicle, software updates of DIS can also performed for these screens according to the customer's request.

  • It is compliant with military standards.