AGGÖZ DSU (Driver Sight Unit)

AGGÖZ Driver Sight Unit (DSU) is designed for military vehicle platforms and provides a safe driving support to the driver by detecting close obstacles in day and night conditions and increasing environmental awareness. AGGÖZ DSS, which provides the driver front and rear sight capability in all weather conditions, transfers live camera stream to the driver's screen via digital interfaces with high performance thermal + thermal/Day-TV options.

AGGÖZ DSU provides a modular design with high resolution camera components and different lens configurations. Therefore, different design solutions can be offered according to the purpose of use.



  • Front Sight Camera Unit (Thermal + Thermal/ Day-TV Options)

  • Rear Sight Camera Unit (Thermal + Thermal/ Day-TV Options)

  • Driver Control and Display Unit (10.1’’ Display)

  • Fixed Focus

  • Image Freeze

  • Polarity Change (Thermal)

  • Modular buttons for user control

  • Brightness, sharpness and coloring adjustment functions

  • High performance thermal image by image processing algorithms