AGGÖZ CLDSU / LDSU (Uzak Mesafe ve Soğutmalı Uzak Mesafe Görüş Sistemi)

AGGÖZ Cooled Long Distance Sight Unit (CLDSU) and Long Distance Sight Unit (LDSU) is an Electro-Optical Imaging System with cutting edge technology, developed for identifying, detecting, tracking, measuring distance and shooting targets from a long distance in real time.

AGGÖZ CLDSU / LDSU is designed to meet tactical field requirements in all weather conditions as well as day and night operational capability, can be offered with thermal solutions with or without cooling in accordance with the platform requirements.

CLDSU / LDSU takes advantages of its flexible digital vision interfaces, autonomous features and simple user interface design. It can be integrated with laser range finder having various lens configurations and different effective range characteristics to suit user requirements through its compact and modular design.

CLDSU / LDSU can also be offered as a solution by integrating with the KUVA Pan-Tilt Positioner. KUVA Pan-Tilt Positioner is motion platform that enables accurate adjustment of various units in horizontal and vertical axes with remote control. Therefore, this system offers target-oriented solutions in military reconnaissance and surveillance systems that require remote monitoring and tracking through its high precision and accuracy positioning unit.



  • Long distance sight system

  • Cooled or uncooled thermal camera configurations

  • High resolution detector

  • High resolution and continuous zoom Day-TV camera

  • High thermal sensitivity optical design

  • Eye-Safe Laser Range Finder compliant with NATO standards

  • Artificial Intelligence Applications (optional)

  • Object detection and classification

  • Object tracking

  • Automatic image optimization

  • Image freezing

  • Auto-focus

  • Continuous zoom lens