SONGAR, ASISGUARD's first national armed drone used by the Turkish Armed Forces, was integrated into a land vehicle for the first time.

SONGAR gained an important ability to detect and destroy the target in advance in integrated land vehicle security operations.

SONGAR, the first national armed drone originally developed by ASISGUARD and included in the TAF (Turkish Armed Forces) inventory, was also integrated into a military land vehicle. SONGAR, which is integrated into a military land vehicle that can autonomously drive unmanned and can be remotely controlled when necessary, will contribute to the success of the vehicle in the field by gaining superior strike capability.

24/7 alert against threats!

Thanks to the armed drone system SONGAR, which has been brought to an advanced level by integrating automatic machine guns and bombers, the 4x4 military land vehicle will have the ability to find targets from the air and conduct remote armed operations. Working effectively both day and night in all military and security operations, SONGAR will be on standby 24/7 to respond to asymmetric threats with its autonomous take-off and landing capability.

One of the innovative systems of the Turkish Defense Industry, SONGAR is the first national drone with integrated machine gun and grenade launcher. SONGAR, which has now completed another important step in the product development roadmap by being integrated into the land vehicle, can operate within a 10-kilometer radius equipped with an automatic machine gun. SONGAR, which has a system capable of real-time image transmission; With its ability to perform simultaneous missions with a single or multiple drone system, it can perform many critical tasks such as detecting the target area, neutralizing the threat, post-operation damage detection and real-time image transmission.

SONGAR can be used effectively in border and cross-border security operations with the integration of land vehicles, with a high number of shells from the air against ambush or threats, and for offensive purposes when necessary.