Asisguard, which produces electro-optical vision and border security systems, military vehicle electronics solutions and rotary-wing unmanned systems, and Repkon Defense Systems, which draws attention with its solutions to barreled weapon systems problems, are a warm integration of cooperation signed at the SAHA EXPO Defense, Aerospace Industry Fair in 2022. implemented his work.

This paved the way for the two products in the security forces' warehouse to be used together. This capability was transferred to the drone SONGAR, which can be configured by Asisguard. A series of studies were carried out to differentiate the RDS40-MGL-based 6-drum grenade launcher of Repkon Defense Systems. At the end of the studies, SONGAR went to the field and performed a successful firing test with a 6-drum grenade launcher.

Our esteemed General Manager Barış Düzgün told the AA correspondent that after giving SONGAR to the use of security forces, they carried out various studies to bring different ammunition and payloads to the drone.

Expressing that they carry out these studies in line with customer demands, Düzgün emphasized that SONGAR has recently gained the ability to fire more shots and hit its target more effectively with the integration of the 6-drum grenade launcher. Düzgün said, "Our work on different payloads continues. Again, according to customer demands from the field, our 2-axis gimbal design is ongoing to support night operations. In this way, we will be able to perform operations with night vision capability." said.

Repkon Defense Systems Business Development and Corporate Communications Director Uğur Cem Gürpınar said that they have introduced a new usage concept to the 6-drum grenade launcher, which is the lightest in its class among its counterparts and has a grooved barrel made of steel material with the flowforming method.

Gürpınar noted that in 2024, both 40-millimeter automatic and 6-drum grenade launchers will be seen on many air, land and sea platforms at home and abroad.