4x4 Yoruk Vehicle Signature Asisguard and Nurol

Turkish defense industry companies have joined forces for the internal security project in Nigeria.

Asisguard, which produces electrical optical vision and queue security systems, military vehicle electronic solutions and rotary wing unmanned systems, will supply 4X4 vehicles from Nurol Makina, agricultural land vehicle production, for use in the Jul Road Safety Project in Niger.

The parties signed a vehicle supply Jul-ture contract at Nurol Makina facilities. The contract was signed by Asisguard General Directorate Barış Doğuz and Nurol Makina General Directorate Engin Aykol.

Barış Düzgün, in his speech at the signing ceremony, said that at the end of the studies they have been conducting for 2.5 years, they are monitored for speech in Nigeria.

Expressing that products such as drones, VTOL, monitoring tower, command and control center will be used within the scope of the project, it was emphasized that it will contribute to the acquisition of similar projects that will be discussed jointly in Nigeria.

Aykol also stated that its vehicles are used in many countries in Africa, but there are no vehicles in Nigeria to date.

Aykol, who is working with this project to make images in a difficult graphic such as Niger, noted that they aim to complete their vehicles within the delivery year.

He will also look for doors for new export opportunities

Asisguard General Directorate Regulation in the statement, approximately 2.5 stars made arrangements with the Niger Ministry of Defense and other government capabilities, used the Niger Road Safety Project worth $ 36.5 million as a result of field reconnaissance connection studies.

Expressing the above questions in order to ensure the safety of a highway experiencing security problems between the Nigerian capital Abuja and Kaduna cities, Dec.,"We will contribute to the security of the region with the latest technology system and products produced locally and nationally with our payments in Turkey." said.

Since reconnaissance and imaging systems, sudden intervention and renewal systems, command and control systems, communication and sub-energy systems will be provided within the scope of the project, it is true that the following assessments were made:

"In this process, he decided to work with Nurol Makina, his own proven agricultural vehicle production in Turkey and around the world, in the most difficult and difficult combat sections to use in intervention and restoration systems. I wish this partnership to be beneficial to our country, to create new export opportunities for the two valuable companies and to solve the security problems of the friendly country Nigeria earlier."

According to the contract, within the scope of the Niger Road Safety Project, the tender of 13 YÖRÜK 4X4 vehicles will be held. The number of countries used by the regional YÖRÜK 4x4 will increase to 5.

With the project, where HAVELSAN and STM's unmanned aerial vehicles will be sold abroad, the products of 10 civilian companies, including Gürbağ Defense and milmast, will also be exported. Dec.