To develop innovative solutions, and in doing so, to strengthen the Turkish Defense Sector, and to share the outcomes with friendly countries.


To become a leading global brand, creating local and global value added solutions and products.


Asis Electronic and Information Systems is a Turkish company that operates with 100 percent domestic capital in the defense, smart cities, cybersecurity and financial technology sectors, developing all of its systems and equipment using its own resources. In 2018, Asis Electronic underwent a restructuring to create added value within the defense, cybersecurity and financial technology sectors, taking advantage of its know-how and experience in the field of advanced technologies. This restructuring saw the company combining its activities related to defense and public security technologies under the ASİSGUARD™ brand, as a registered trademark.

ASİSGUARD™ develops national system solutions, some of which are unique in Turkey, in the fields of Military Vehicle Electronics, Rotary-Wing Armed Drone Systems, Electro-Optical Imaging and Border Security Systems, making use of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data technologies.

Offering many indigenous and national products both to Turkey and to allied countries in the defense field, and prioritizing the needs and satisfaction of its internal and external stakeholders, ASİSGUARD™ continues its relentless drive towards its targets through the strengthening of its technological and engineering infrastructure.